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Investment Plans

Choose the plan that’s best for your investment .

Pricing Choose Your Best Plan

Free Plan

You can start with this plan to check our services with a maximum of €100 investment in this plan.

With 1 year subscription


Small Investment

If you are a new user, it is recommended to start with this plan. You can invest a maximum of €1000 in this plan.

With 1 year support


Medium Investment

If you are an individual and familiar with our services, you can start with this plan with a maximum of €10,000 investment.

You will have annual tax-related reports.

With 1 year support


High Investment

If you are professional and familiar with our services, it is recommended to start with this plan. You can invest a maximum of €100,000 in this plan.

We also prepare your tax reports for each quarter and also annually.

With 1 year support


Facts Some Facts & Numbers


Our smart solution detects buy and sell signals.


Auto detect best profitable Cryptocurrency 

0.1% or less

Low fees per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are familiar with cryptocurrency trading, to be a good player in this market you must:

    1. Be an expert to analyse and predict complex price trends, for that you must gain a solid understanding of the core principles and then apply that knowledge via back testing, this skill acquisition takes months.
    2. Monitor the up/down trend of your cryptocurrency price 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to adjust your trading strategy accordingly to maintain your profitability, and it is ideally impossible.
    3. Keep your emotions under control while crypto currency trading. Making decisions based on emotion rather than facts creates high risks.

    We have developed Uniarma Smart Cryptocurrency Trading Solution that solves these 3 main problems. With our solution, you simply invest your money and watch the trading results. You don’t need to be an expert and spend hours at your computer observing and analysing price changes.

    You can always see the status of your investment by entering your user area on our portal.

    1. If you have not Binance Account, please create an Account in:
    2. Transfer some USDT from you wallet to your Binance account.
    3. In your Binance account, create an API via : settings/api-management
      • Create API 
      • Enter Label Name
      • Copy and keeps ‘API Key‘ and ‘Secret Key‘ in a safe place
      • Enable only “Spot & Margin Trading”
      • Restrict access to trusted IPs only 
      • Save
      • (You can find more general information in: )
    4. In your account details in enter above keys.
    5. Start trading via Uniarma Smart Cryptocurrency Trading